McDonalds One of the Worst Paying Fast Food Chains

Each one of us may have visited McDonald’s at least once in our lifetime for sure to munch on their mouthwatering hamburgers (my favorite being the Big Mac) all of which have their own unique taste and essence.

But would you believe it that the hamburger fast food chain which went on to make around $8.75 million last year, has been paying Tyree Johnson an employee for the past 20 years just $8.25 an hour???

Tyree Johnson

Tyree Johnson a 20 year old McDonald Employee

Tyree Johnson Not the Only One

Though restaurant jobs have been quite thriving in the US which has given a rise to the service sector in the US but these jobs pay pathetically less.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that in 2010 the food service industry paid just $20,990 annually to people employed in different fast food outlets.

Tyree Johnson works at 2 different outlets of McDonalds to make both ends meet but how long will people like him cope with the increasing pay scale gap??

Increasing Pressure on the Government

With increasing unemployment rates which has touched 14.4% this year and low income issue issues, the people of the US have just one question: What is the Governments take on this issue?

The 20 years service of Tyree Johnson proves that during all this time the Government has not really sought any kind of solution to the low income problems in the US.


Hey guys, my name is Glenn and i from Camden, New Jersey. The one thing i like about myself is that i say what i think is right and care a damn for what the others think. So here i am placing my opinions on things which just do not make sense to me at all.

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