China’s Military Expansion – More than what it seems

China these days is all over the news mainly because of the rapid military expansions it has been making which has sparked speculations not only in the west but also amongst other South Asian states.

Japan, Vietnam and Philippines have all voiced concern over how the objective for such advancements is solely to gain hold of the disputed water regions which encircles all these countries but in the light of these events China has a different statement to make.

Aircraft Carrier

Take that we have our very own Carrier now!

China Speaks in Defense

The Chinese defense minister Liang Guanglie in a press conference stated “there is absolutely no fear for neighboring countries” the Chinese military needs to develop and it’s not in China’s interest to cause any harm to anyone.

He also stated that how it’s important for the China and US to touch on the few differences and develop strong military ties.

The Real Picture!!!

They say that actions speak louder than words and this is what counts in this case. If you monitor the military advancements China has made, they narrate an entirely different story.

Just recently the Ukrainian acquired aircraft carrier was made fully functional by china on which it landed its newly developed J-15 carrier based multi-role fighter jets. Besides this they have developed two new stealth fighters and also added a new attack helicopter to their military force.

The main purpose behind China to advance its naval force is to acquire majority of the sea area which are not only important sea routes but also possess untapped oil and gas reserves.


Though China is far from competing with the naval capabilities of the US still at the moment it is second on the list of military spending which is due to increase with time.

At the end of the day the intentions behind the China’s motives is quite transparent “Acquiring Naval Superiority in South & South-East Asia

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